Do We Really Need More New Drugs?

Do we need more drugsIf you spend much time on the Internet then you’ve probably seen some of the stories about new drugs that keep coming out. As if it wasn’t enough that we were in the midst of a heroin and prescription drug epidemic, it seems that companies keep cranking out new substances for people to get high on and ruin their lives with.

Take the case of Zohydro. Zohydro is a new drug that contains hydrocodone, by itself and in huge doses. The pill was designed to help people manage their pain when other opiate drugs aren’t effective. Sound familiar? It should because that was the same logic used in the marketing for OxyContin, another high dose opiate painkiller. OxyContin, also known as hillbilly heroin, quickly became one of the biggest, nightmare drug problems this county has ever faced.

While the logic of wanting to ease the pain of people in dire, health situations may be sound, you have to ask yourself this question: What could possibly go wrong with an easy to get pill that contains the purest form of one of the most dangerous, addictive substances known to man? The answer, (insert number of deaths due to OD in the last year).

Another drug that is gaining widespread popularity is Gravel. Gravel is a wicked mixture of bath salts (MDPV, APVP), meth and rat poison. As if the recent bath salts media storm/ moral panic weren’t enough now we have a new and improved version of the nightmarish drug only with more, abject paranoia and psychosis.

Also this week the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) may approve a new form of alcohol called “Palcohol”. Palcohol is a dehydrated, powdered alcohol that comes in packets you just mix with water to create an alcoholic beverage. There are so many ways that this could go wrong it is hard to list them. Primarily, it seems that alcohol just became an easy to hide, drug that can be snorted anywhere. While Palcohol hasn’t been approved yet it probably won’t be long before it is.

These are only a few of the new drugs that are getting media attention lately. Some of the drugs come from pharmaceutical companies and are intended to be used in clinical situations, by qualified medical professionals and some come from illicit sources intended to be used for recreation. Either way, these drugs quickly infuse themselves into the underground, black markets and start showing up on the streets, in schools and in emergency rooms everywhere.

At the moment, the best defense against these aspiring drug epidemics is education. When the media constantly glorifies and glamorizes the use of drugs and alcohol, it is especially important to recognize these substances for what they are – powerful, addictive drugs with the ability to destroy lives.