In troubling times such as these, one word is often spoken and heard: intervention.

The question of intervention is one commonly asked by family and friends suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. What is intervention? How does it work? Will it work? When can it be done?


Intervention is defined as the process of presenting facts to someone who is out of touch with reality in a way that allows him to accept just enough of it that he agrees to seek help. Intervention should be a loving, gentle process, where the person confronted is surrounded by people who care for his or her well-being. A variety of intervention styles may be applied to different situations, depending on the person in need. Interventions may be held by family, friends, or co-workers who wish to help someone end addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Interventions should be performed in a caring yet structured manner, therefore it is important to seek assistance from an intervention professional. Using a professional usually makes the process short, powerful and effective. Narconon® Colorado uses only professional interventionists with a proven record of success. If you suspect a loved one is battling addiction, it is advised to intervene as soon as possible.

Even if you are certain that your loved one will never come around and admit he or she needs help, don’t give up. Call us and ask about intervention services. Your loved one could be our next success story. Where abuse to the mind and body is concerned, time is of the essence, and the sooner a solution is offered to the addict, the sooner they are on the road to recovery. We can help. Contact us now!

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