The Solution to Addiction

Following the Effective Natural Detox Program, Narconon Colorado uses effective Educational Therapies to restore the former addict’s ability to focus on real-life-goals and to return self-control and self-worth to the individual. This greatly improves the former addict’s ability to face the realities of life and reduce the need for drugs to escape the difficulties of life.

In order to further improve the life skills of the former addict, Narconon Colorado incorporates additional Educational Therapies to rehabilitate their self-esteem. Often, an addict commits harmful acts, both to themselves and their loved ones, that traps them into further drug use. After completing this phase of the program, the student has a restored sense of self-worth and finds it much easier to confront life problems.

Narconon Colorado’s final phase is a comprehensive long-term Discharge Program designed to assist the student through the first two years of recovery. This is accomplished through regular contact with the student and family members. This creates an ideal situation which allows the facilitation of the effective re-introduction of the individual back into society and leading a new drug free life. Narconon Colorado not only teaches people how to stay away from drugs, but how to live happy and successful lives so that there is no longer any need or desire to use drugs. Many of Narconon Colorado’s graduates experience a rebirth into a life of renewed hope after completing the program.

Most drug rehabs have a designated program length, usually 30 days (or less). This means that those operating and running these programs believe that they can predict, with certainty, when an addict will be “cured”.  Narconon Colorado understands that each addict is an individual.  No one can predict with certainty precisely how long it will take to fully handle any individual addict’s problem. Therefore, the Narconon Colorado program is tailored to the individual and has a variable length; it takes as long as it takes to complete the program. In fact, the average duration of the Narconon Colorado program is between two and a half to 3 and half months. However, each individual is different and the Narconon Colorado program takes as long as necessary to insure that the addict gets the full benefit of the program.

It would seem that a successful drug rehab program which “takes as long as it takes” and whose results are very high must cost a tremendous amount, however, Narconon Colorado – A Life Worth Saving is different from virtually all of the “for profit” rehab centers. Narconon Colorado – A Life Worth Saving is one of the few tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) public benefit organizations delivering drug and alcohol treatment. The cost of the Narconon Colorado – A Life Worth Saving program is extremely competitive and, as a state-licensed program, it is covered by most insurance. We bill insurance companies directly and offer easy financing options. Contact us for more details about what you plan will cover or to discuss finances in further detail.