Addiction and the Family

How does addiction affect the family?

When a person uses drugs it has a tremendous impact on their family. As a person slips deeper into their addiction, they begin to distance themselves from family and the divide is amplified by the fact that the love is replaced with lack of genuineness, hate, erratic mood swings apathy and betrayal.. Drug addiction is catastrophic and affects everyone around the addict. Here are some of the that can happen when drugs begin to take over a person’s life:

  • Distance – When a person is using drugs they start putting distance between themselves and the people they love. They individuate from friends and loved ones who don’t share their drug use. Addicts are ashamed of what they are doing and may go to extreme measures to hide this from people they feel do not approve.
  • Money – Drugs cost a lot of money. An ever increasing drug habit requires more and more of the drug that makes a user feel good or even normal. Addiction becomes the first and foremost thing in a user’s mind and the basic rudiments like bills, debts and even keeping a job become distant memories. This can place undue strain on the addict and their family. Family members may see that a person is not doing well and seek to help them by paying their bills or giving them money. This can continue for some time if the family is unable to spot the signs of addiction.
  • Emotional Trauma – Addicts create emotional upsets and trauma for members of their family, their partners and their friends. All of the screaming, fighting, talking down and general abuse and manipulation will wear others down both mentally and physically.
  • Conflicts – There can be an increase in the amount of seemingly unresolvable conflicts with the user and those around them. This leads to arguments, avoidance, slander, and even violence.
  • Jealousy – Drug users can become jealous of others’ possessions, status or even their lives. Conversely, non-addicted family members can become jealous of the way everyone always helps the addict out with money, food, etc. Addicts can also become jealous of attention (real or imagined) that they perceive their partner is getting, especially from members of the opposite sex. This can be extremely dangerous as it can motivate the addict to act in a way they normally wouldn’t. Passions run high when it comes to drug addiction.
  • Children – Children don’t understand drugs or their effects on people. They don’t understand why mommy or daddy are acting the way they are. They don’t know why they are being neglected and simply see that; maybe, they have done something wrong and are being punished. This skewing of a child’s reality can have dire consequences on their lives and leave lasting scars both mentally and physically – even possibly leading them into addiction.

The effects of drug use on the family can be very traumatizing and have long lasting consequences. It is essential to inform oneself of the signs of addiction early on so the addict can get the real help they need to overcome this whole-life-affecting problem.

At Narconon Colorado – A life Worth Saving we can help you truly get free from addiction. Our program is designed to help you live a positive, rewarding life and repair the damage (emotional, social and physical) caused by drug use. We know how important the family is and we want to help you get yours back.

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