Narconon Colorado Sauna Detoxification


The New Life Detoxification Program Theory: Drug residuals (metabolites) can remain in the fatty tissue of the body for years after the drugs have been taken and it is important that they are removed. These metabolites can cause drug cravings and other physical and emotional effects when later released into the blood stream. Removing this physical factor of addiction is a vital step in our addiction treatment process.

The New Life Detoxification Program removes one of the root causes of future physical cravings and relapse by eliminating the toxic drug residuals stored in the fatty tissues.

The theory is that various drug residuals from drugs such as cocaine, heroin, Xanax, PCP, amphetamines, crank, crystal meth, methamphetamine, ecstasy, alcohol, painkillers, tranquilizers and sleeping pills remain in the fatty tissues of the body long after the individual has initially ingested the drugs. During times of physical or mental stress, the metabolites can be released into the blood stream and may cause drug cravings leading to relapse.

New Life Detoxification Program

A key point of our New Life Detoxification program is to remove the physical triggers of drug relapse by flushing out the accumulated toxic metabolites in the body’s fatty tissues and organs. It consists of a protocol of exercise, combined with dry sauna therapy and a special combination of nutritional supplements targeted to rid the fatty tissues of the stored drug metabolites, eliminating a main physical cause of cravings and relapse. The psychological and physical benefits of this program are often nothing less than remarkable according to client testimonials. Please see the New Life Detoxification Scientific Study Summaries for published results of our detoxification method.

Within just a few days to a week of doing the body cleansing and purification process, the participants have color back in their faces, their eyes are brighter, their energy level increases and they are sleeping well at night, waking up the next morning feeling refreshed. Their mood swings, general discomfort and anxiety levels diminish. Many participants have said that they feel more centered, balanced and that they have not felt this good, healthy, and alive since before using drugs.

Our staff and counselors will generally see an increased willingness and motivation in the program participant which helps set them up for the next sections of the program dealing with the underlying issues and transgressions. All of the above positive effects are of course side benefits to the real result of the New Life Detoxification Program, which is to eliminate future drug or alcohol relapse, which is a huge accomplishment.


I have acted as Medical Consultant to the Narconon program for 15 years. For the past decade, I have studied the results obtained with a detoxification method used by Narconon that utilizes vitamins, sauna baths, and exercise. While this detoxification method is strenuous, it is easily and safely accomplished under the supervision of trained personnel. Narconon students with histories of moderate to extremely heavy substance abuse show a marked improvement in alertness, clarity of thought, and general health by undergoing this treatment. Most report a substantial reduction in their craving for drugs or alcohol. Published scientific studies of the technique have shown it successful in reducing the variety of toxins and contaminants in the body tissues. I highly recommend its continued use as an effective tool in the treatment of addictions.

— Kathleen Kerr, M.D

Sauna…..WOW!… There were times I thought no way can I do this anymore, but I did and I did it right. I have rushed everything for so long, this was truly the first beneficial action I did thoroughly in probably 10 years. It was worth every minute of it as well! I went into the sauna program a person who at times had difficulty remembering where I was and who I was. I now have years worth of memory back. I am even happy to have the bad ones back, because now I can handle it! Thanks to all of the staff and their hard work that goes into putting a person through this process! This is in my opinion the only real detox in existence. Thanks Guys!

— S.C.