FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions commonly asked about the Narconon Colorado – A Life Worth Saving drug rehab program and the answers to those questions.

Q. How does Narconon Colorado differ from other programs, including traditional 12 step programs?

A. Narconon Colorado is an extensive program that uses its own unique form of cognitive therapy and physical purification. Through physical purification consisting of vitamins, exercise, and time spent in our sauna, one is aided in coming completely off of drugs. The rest of the program consists of a student learning how to regain control of their life and make amends for damages their addiction has caused themselves and others. In most conventional drug treatment programs an addict is told that they are powerless over their addiction. Our program does not consider that this is true. Our program has overwhelming results showing that an addict can retake power over their life, and that there is a road out. For more details check out our Treatment Philosophy page.

Q. What percentage of graduates from Narconon Colorado – A life Worth saving remain drug free?

A. Research done through contact with graduates of our program shows that 7 out of 10 graduates remain drug-free after a 5-year period. This is a very high percentage; our program gets results.

Q. What kind of addictions can Narconon Colorado treat?

A. The nature of our program allows us to treat all forms of addiction: drug or alcohol, no matter how severe the problem is. We have effectively helped long-term heroin, crack, cocaine, prescription medication, marijuana, methamphetamine, and alcohol abusers break their addictions.

Q. How long does the Narconon Colorado – A life Worth Saving program take to complete?

A. The program takes, on average, 3 1/2 to 4 months to complete, although some cases take longer. Between the extensive treatment Narconon Colorado offers, and the individual study involved, the time it takes to complete the program varies from student to student. Not everyone’s problems can be solved in 28 days, and as would make sense, it takes as long as it takes. No two addicts are identical and the length of time it takes to repair their lives is not pre-determined or identical.

Q. Are addicts coming into Narconon Colorado – A life Worth Saving treated with medication?

A. The Narconon treatment modality approaches addiction from a wide range of perspectives. The Program includes a full complement of support services based on the individual’s readiness to change and focuses on substance use disorder education and specific treatment needs. A Life Worth Living does not dispense or administer controlled substances and will refer individual’s receiving services to an agency that provides medication-assisted treatment at the individual’s request or if it is deemed medically necessary. Medications for blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems may be allowed.

Q. What level of freedom are the students at Narconon Colorado – A Life Worth Saving given?

A. Those who are attending Narconon Colorado are given a fair amount of freedom and privileges. This is a residential drug and alcohol treatment center, not a hospital or a psychiatric unit. On their free time students may pursue their own hobbies as well as enjoying other amenities the center has to offer such as basketball, sand volley ball, softball, ping pong, movies, weight lifting area, two lounges, satellite TV, etc. While coming off of drugs takes hard work and time, we try to make things as comfortable for our students as possible and we want them to find enjoyment in the type of activities that they may have found rewarding before they got involved in drugs or alcohol. We allow students to bring most of their personal effects including musical instruments, movies, games, books, etc. Basically, as long as it does not pertain to drugs a student is allowed to have it here.

Q. Who founded the Narconon Program?

A. The Narconon® Program is the inspiration of William Benitez. William Benitez after successfully recovering from an drug addiction to heroin approached L. Ron Hubbard who warmly received William Benitez’s suggestion on a drug and alcohol addiction recovery center. William Benitez designed and based the Narconon program on key principles developed by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

Q. Is Narconon religious based or part of any organized religion?

A. No, Narconon is not a religious organization and is non-denominational in its view of religion. Religion is not a requirement nor is it a part of the program. However, for those who gain strength through their religious beliefs, we will escort them to their church of choice on Sundays. The Narconon drug rehab technology is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard and we are not corporately or ideally part of any religious organization. Narconon is a separate public benefit, non-profit corporation that supports and acknowledges all religions that work to eradicate substance abuse.

Q. How exactly does the detoxification portion of the Narconon Colorado program work?

A. Through research done since the early 1960’s it has been found that drugs, once taken, leave residues in the body’s fat tissues. These residues remain in the body for years after taking a drug. This is the reason for the occurrence of “acid flashbacks” among LSD users. These drug residues also play a large role in an addict’s physical craving for a particular drug. Through vitamins, oils, exercise, and sweating daily in our sauna, our sauna program cleans out a users system, leaving them free of physical drug cravings and healthier than they have felt in years.

Narconon has been offering drug rehab treatment and drug education services worldwide for over 40 years.