How The Narconon Colorado Program Works

Withdrawal Management

The withdrawal from drugs such as heroin and alcohol normally arrive with a significant amount of emotional and physical discomfort. That is why the Narconon method conducts a medical evaluation prior to the beginning of withdrawal management and provides 24-hour care, making the withdrawal phase as safe and as comfortable as possible. 

The purpose of this phase of the program is to help the individual through the physical dependence of substances and to help them to recover from the emotional and physical pain of withdrawals.  While the individual is using substances, an enormous deficiency of vitamins and minerals can occur.  These deficiencies are addressed with nutritional supplements with the outcome of a much healthier person and better frame of mind. 

…Even though it’s only been 5 days, I’m OK and with no dope! The withdrawal process was remarkably mild. I have never successfully completed a withdrawal for some years. I could not deal with the withdrawal, the depression, and the long pain. That’s why I was on methadone for so long. Now I am clean and looking forward to the sauna to complete the process. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but that is a goal that I think would really brighten my outlook on myself and my future. Thanks!
— JP 

New Life Detoxification Procedure

The New Life Detoxification Program Theory: Drug residuals (metabolites) can remain in the fatty tissue of the body for years after the drugs have been taken and it is important that they are removed. These metabolites can cause drug cravings and other physical and emotional effects when later released into the blood stream. Removing this physical factor of addiction is a vital step in our addiction treatment process.

The New Life Detoxification Program removes one of the root causes of future physical cravings and relapse by eliminating the toxic drug residuals stored in the fatty tissues.

The theory is that various drug residuals from drugs such as cocaine, heroin, Xanax, PCP, amphetamines, crank, crystal meth, methamphetamine, ecstasy, alcohol, painkillers, tranquilizers and sleeping pills remain in the fatty tissues of the body long after the individual has initially ingested the drugs. During times of physical or mental stress, the metabolites can be released into the blood stream and may cause drug cravings leading to relapse.

New Life Detoxification Program

A key point of our New Life Detoxification program is to remove the physical triggers of drug relapse by flushing out the accumulated toxic metabolites in the body’s fatty tissues and organs. It consists of a protocol of exercise, combined with dry sauna therapy and a special combination of nutritional supplements targeted to rid the fatty tissues of the stored drug metabolites, eliminating a main physical cause of cravings and relapse. The psychological and physical benefits of this program are often nothing less than remarkable according to client testimonials. Please see the New Life Detoxification Scientific Study Summaries for published results of our detoxification method.

Within just a few days to a week of doing the body cleansing and purification process, the participants have color back in their faces, their eyes are brighter, their energy level increases and they are sleeping well at night, waking up the next morning feeling refreshed. Their mood swings, general discomfort and anxiety levels diminish. Many participants have said that they feel more centered, balanced and that they have not felt this good, healthy, and alive since before using drugs.

Our staff and counselors will generally see an increased willingness and motivation in the program participant which helps set them up for the next sections of the program dealing with the underlying issues and transgressions. All of the above positive effects are of course side benefits to the real result of the New Life Detoxification Program, which is to eliminate future drug or alcohol relapse, which is a huge accomplishment.

I have acted as Medical Consultant to the Narconon program for 15 years. For the past decade, I have studied the results obtained with a detoxification method used by Narconon that utilizes vitamins, sauna baths, and exercise. While this detoxification method is strenuous, it is easily and safely accomplished under the supervision of trained personnel. Narconon students with histories of moderate to extremely heavy substance abuse show a marked improvement in alertness, clarity of thought, and general health by undergoing this treatment. Most report a substantial reduction in their craving for drugs or alcohol. Published scientific studies of the technique have shown it successful in reducing the variety of toxins and contaminants in the body tissues. I highly recommend its continued use as an effective tool in the treatment of addictions.
— Kathleen Kerr, M.D

Sauna…..WOW! … There were times I thought no way can I do this anymore, but I did and I did it right. I have rushed everything for so long, this was truly the first beneficial action I did thoroughly in probably 10 years. It was worth every minute of it as well! I went into the sauna program a person who at times had difficulty remembering where I was and who I was. I now have years worth of memory back. I am even happy to have the bad ones back, because now I can handle it! Thanks to all of the staff and their hard work that goes into putting a person through this process! This is in my opinion the only real detox in existence. Thanks Guys!
— S.C.

Objectives – A course in restoring communication and perception

The ability to communicate is necessary to confront and overcome the day-to-day problems associated with life. The course helps the student to gain the ability of being comfortable and confident oneself and around and with others. Drugs are a way to escape reality and change the way one feels. When the individual is not on drugs the addict will usually try to ignore or change their feelings. Moreover, when drugs wears off, they are left feeling introverted and worse than before they took the drugs.   This course helps the student focus their attention on the present and their environment.  The student’s perception of their environment improves as well as their communication with others. This course helps students become more “causative” over their lives and their surroundings instead of being merely affected by it.  When a person uses drugs the addict’s perception of reality becomes distorted, this course restores their perception of reality.


Drugs act on a person’s body as a painkiller not only dulling their physical sensation but also making them numb to what is going on around them.  An addict becomes unable as a result of their use of drugs to be comfortable with everyday emotions and experiences. Since the present is unbearable, they tend to dwell on past sorrows and upsets or to live in a fantasy world of the future. Since the individual is not living in the present mentally, they are unable to control their life. They cannot achieve their goals or have healthy relationships, and do not know how to handle responsibility.

Wow, this is the most awesome thing I have ever achieved. I am in control of how I react and what I do with my feelings. I am in the present time and I m no longer letting my past affect me in a negative way. I’m looking at things for what they really are and not for what they were or could be. Living in the present time gives me the control to make better decisions and more able to control my self. It’s okay not to know all the answers, I don’t need to be so hard on my self and what I am doing. I am not ashamed because I do not have anything to hide any more. I don’t have to lie to self destruct. Drugs just brought me down an held me back from my goals and dreams. I can do anything I want and that is a huge win. I am never going to give up what is true for me. I am a stronger person and I look at life in a better way.
— K.A.

Before I came to Narconon, I didn’t have an objective viewpoint on anything. Drugs had clouded my ability to see things as they really were. All I saw when I looked at someone, even my own family, was someone I could get money from for drugs. The Communication and Perception course pulled me out of past bad experiences that were affecting my thinking and behavior. My past is a chapter that is now closed, and for the first time in 25 years I’m free to be and do what I choose…
— LD

Ups and Downs in Life Course

This course gives the student the ability to confront all the underlying issues which caused them to begin their drug use, as well as their present problems. They learn to identify social and anti-social characteristics in others as well as themselves. This course makes them capable of recognizing situations that are potentially a source of trouble and their options when confronted with these situations. Students will also be provided with the experience necessary to handle real life situations. This is accomplished by placing them in simulated environments that they might come in contact with in the future.

Often, drug addicts and alcoholics are susceptible to negative influences. In this course, students learn the characteristics of social and anti-social personalities in order to evaluate objectively and choose those people in their lives who need to be avoided. Completing this course enables the individual to evaluate behavioral, constructive, and destructive characteristics. It also provides them with the appropriate methods to handling these people. This is a major part of being able to remain drug-free.

I feel is really a wonderful book. It really helped me take a good look at my life and at myself. It helped me to learn how to handle people and pick the right ones in my life. I feel so lucky and so much better now that I have had a chance to get everything that was built up in my life off of my chest, lifting so much weight out of me. I now know how to choose and get rid of people. It is so awesome to be able to really confront and take a look at my past life and see how I screwed it all up. To see the effects of everything and then be able to actually take cause over what I have done not only to myself but to my family and friends. I feel great. Thank you so much for all your guys’ help!
— K.G.

This was the best book I have done so far at Narconon. I broke down my people, places and drugs and looked at how my drug use affected all of these things. I took responsibility for what I did and the hurt and damage I caused by using. I also looked at how I am going to make up that damage. I am now able to let the past be the past and move forward with my life now with a clean slate, a clear conscience and the ability to remain sober.
— J.S.

So last week I was having a hard time confronting myself and I was trying to leave. But you guys, the staff that is, took the time to tell me to push through it, and I have! I learned that I can be afraid of change, but overcoming it and not fighting it is when it really pays off. And now I have confronted the things that I feel have kept me from true happiness in my life. Thanks Narconon!
— J.A.

Personal Values and Integrity Course

Addicts often find that through their addiction they lose their sense of personal integrity. This is because the life style that goes along with addiction is one that almost always involves lying to friends or family, and almost as often involves the commission of illegal acts. As time goes by many addicts find that they never lived any other way. Restoring personal integrity is not just a moral issue; it is a matter of survival. It is a fact that until one can confront and be honest about ones past, a person will be haunted by it. Until these types of misdeeds are dealt with, the addict will continue to be plagued with:

  • Unwillingness to communicate
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Unhandled hostility toward those who try to help him or her
  • Feelings of resentment towards authority
  • A sense of being uncomfortable around ethical people
  • Inability to have stable relationships

There is even such a thing as a “drug personality”. It is a fake personality that is created by drugs and alcohol. Choosing the wrong friends and acquaintances can become something that is destructive and difficult to handle. When an individual takes drug or alcohol it changes their personality to one that is secretly harboring hostilities and hatred that they did not want to show on the surface. An entire section of the Personal Values and Integrity Course has been developed to handle just this. It goes over how to choose and live with the type of people best suited for long-term survival. It covers how to develop and maintain these relationships, nurturing them to produce what truly is needed and wanted by the recovering addict.

This offers the student an opportunity to clear their conscience of past transgressions and elicit behavior by taking full responsibility for their actions. It provides the student with a code of honor to live by, stresses the importance of being honest in their lives, and the benefits of living in an ethical manner.

I feel very confidant in myself. I have drive and intention to work and get things done right the first time. I am happy with myself and with being here and I want to stay on here after I graduate. I am very comfortable with my life and content with the way things are going. I will be ethical and moral and have integrity. I know I am a good person inside. Book 6 has helped me realize that things aren’t that bad and that I can be happy for once. This book showed me things to do and not to do. I feel that I have learned so much. I completely understand and am applying what I have been studying. I will continue to improve more and more and will not go back to drugs or let people bring me down!
— S.S.

This book really helped me focus on my effect on my life and the choices which we are faced with. I can see how alcohol hurt everything I held close and the things surrounding me. I cannot change the past but by owning up and taking cause over the things which I have done to hurt myself and the people I care about, I feel I have moved a great deal forward. Now, by facing these sometimes difficult and painful memories, I can be a positive role model for myself and others.
— A.S.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course helps restore the student to their basic sense of right and wrong. It provides them the ability to live honestly again. Values and purposes are recovered and strengthened. Students often experience a strong feeling of relief, and a newfound sense of freedom and self-respect because of this course.

The Changing Conditions in Life Course

Difficult choices arise for everyone at some point in their life. For those who are addicted to drugs the difficult choices they make can be deadly.

This course gives students the exact formulas to evaluate objectively and improve conditions having to do with their self, their family, the groups they belong to, and other areas of life. They learn that any condition can be changed for the better as long as it is handled correctly. On this course, the student takes specific actions to repair the past and present conditions in their life. They are given the tools with which they can continue to improve conditions and situations in the future.

I had many realizations in this book, I realized how selfish I had been through out my addiction and how my exchange with my family as well as society was very one sided. I learned roadmaps (formulas) on how to get me out of problem situations as well as how to be able to become successful in life or any endeavors in which I chose. Most importantly I realized that I needed to make up damage to myself, my family and society on order to propel my sobriety. I had been to many rehabs before and like always I just “took” what they offered me and selfishly walked out the door and wondered why I failed. Before this program I had always been a taker and after learning and applying this book I realized that in order for me to rise in life I needed to give before I could receive. This book ties in all the prior books of this program and gave me a complete understanding of myself and for the first time in my life I feel confident about my future.
— C.M.

Final Program Review

Phase IV of the Narconon program was created to insure that maximum gains were attained during each and every step of the program. This is comprised of two essential components tailored to meet the needs of each student.

  1. A comprehensive review to ensure the student has thoroughly completed all phases of the program.
  2. Creating a battle plan. This is a plan for the new life that the student is beginning upon their completion of the Narconon program. This plan incorporates the application of their entire program and the student customizes it for their life and personal goals. This plan must be agreed upon by the student and their case supervisor. The plan must be seen to have the maximum potential for the student’s success.

This last step incorporates every step of the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program. It helps to ensure that the graduate will live a drug-free, productive, and ethical life. Although each action of the Narconon program produces significant gains, it is the combined effect of all these steps collectively which result in full and permanent recovery. Forty years have shown this to be true. Narconon can proudly claim, and has demonstrated with thousands of case histories, that addiction can be ended.

Follow-up Program

Narconon Colorado will work with the program graduate for up to six months following his or her completion.  Followup consists of telephone consultations with the student and family (as needed).  The goal of these consultations is  to help the student apply what he or she has learned in the program and accomplish his or her the plan for success which was developed during the course of their program.

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