Effective Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

How to effectively get help in rehab. What really works when it comes to ending drug and alcohol addiction.

There are many types of drug and alcohol rehabs out there. Some work and some don’t. It usually varies according to the individual. At Narconon® Colorado – A life Worth Saving, we have done the research and have the experience needed to develop a truly successful approach to substance abuse rehabilitation. We have discovered the most important points that contribute to repeated substance abuse, the road to addiction and relapse.

Drug Damage

Taking drugs can exact a serious toll on the person mentally, physically and emotionally. The body’s nutrition stores become depleted and drug seeking behavior normally results in a distinct lack of nutrition being taken in. This combined with a constant intake of hazardous/ toxic substances will wear a person down from the inside out.


I can say that I haven’t felt this great since my teen years! If anyone were to have doubts it definitely was me but, all that changed. I love the way I look and feel but most of all I love the freedom from my chemical prison.

— Jennifer A.

Relief from cravings

A dependence on drugs and alcohol will come with an intense longing and craving for more of the substance. This can become so intense and painful that, all the addict thinks about is getting more of the substance in order to get relief. Using drugs depletes the body of natural chemicals that normally relieve pain and discomfort. This results in constant need to do more drugs just to feel normal. An addict can feel a variety of symptoms brought on by depleted nutrients, ingestion of toxins and the perceived need to feel high. This problem has been the scourge of addicts since the dawn of drug use.


This has been a real experience. I can’t believe how much this sauna program has helped get me where I am today. I’m sleeping better, my mind seems so clear. I seem to be able to put things together so well in my mind. My skin is so healthy and really shows. It is a process but well worth it.

— Dawn B.

Relief from depression

Using drugs almost always results in extreme depression or a marked prolongation of existing depression. Users can become trapped in an intense, downward spiral of self-loathing and detachment from loved ones. Everything seems hopeless and their very reason to live becomes a distant memory. Soon, they are lost in a sea of fading memories, failures and emotional pain for witch the only relief seems to be the constant use of more and more drugs.


I have spent most of my life in and out of deep, dark depression so I guess that I am sort of an expert on the subject. I have tried everything to get relief from this Hell many different ways including therapy, psych meds, drugs, drugs and more drugs. I am here today to tell you that I am happier and more alive than I have ever been and I can’t even imagine taking a poisonous substance again. I am so happy with the way my life is going I can finally enjoy life and be a productive part of society.

— Mike T.

Eliminate Anxiety, Mood Swings, Racing Thoughts and Sleep Problems

When someone has used drugs, over time, they can develop many uncomfortable issues that can keep them from feeling good and living a normal life. These include things like anxiety, mood swings, constantly racing thoughts and the inability to get good sleep.

We have programs at Narconon® Colorado that are designed to address these factors including Drug Free Withdrawal, Sauna Detox and our proven communication and lifeskills courses. We also have a first rate staff that works round the clock, helping students get off drugs and alcohol, become comfortable in their own skin and work through their addiction so they can learn to live a happy, successful life. One of programs actually helps them confront their past transgressions and ethical conditions so they can work through them and eliminate major sources of anxiety.

Students at Narconon® Colorado really get relief from those racing thoughts and emotional pains that have been consuming them throughout their drug use. They can finally start getting good sleep, nutrition and relax as they learn to build a lasting and rewarding new life.

Perception equals reality

An addict’s perception of the world around him becomes obscured by painful, past memories and avoidance of stressful situations through the use of drugs. For an example, try this. You have a son who has been late to work so many times that they were fired. They haven’t made any real effort to get a new job and blame it on a variety of circumstances.

In effort to resolve this you contact a friend who runs a grocery store and set up a job interview for Monday morning. The job is a done deal. All your son has to do is show up and get started. What happens is this- He never shows up and doesn’t return your call all day. When you finally do talk to him he has any number of excuses as to why he couldn’t make it. You think, “Ok mistakes happen. We’ll try again tomorrow.” The next day, the same thing happens. On and on this pattern keeps going. It can be very frustrating as the bills pile up.

What is going on is that fear is piling up in your son. He is stuck in a drug mired fabrication of a life and not in touch with the world around him. His needs and wants have narrowed to getting and using more drugs. A problem he devotes all of his time and resources to. He doesn’t see and doesn’t care about the world around him and facing responsibility is far too painful. He feels guilty about the things he has done to stay high and so he avoids people and places that force him to face this. All he sees is a struggle to get and remain in a “high” state. Everything around him becomes a “trip”. He won’t see that the rent needs to be paid or that the electricity is going to be shut off. He doesn’t acknowledge the rules of society because they simply don’t exist to him.

At Narconon® Colorado, we realize that this is the main reason addicts cannot function in society. We know how this destroys a person’s confidence and drives them to seek and use more drugs. This is why we have the Communication and Perception Course. This is why we offer training in confronting and controlling ones environment. We have proven techniques that teach a person how to confront the world around them and how to communicate with intention and understanding. When a person gets their perception cleared up, they can truly see things for what they are. Then, they can be taught to confront things and control situations. This leads to greatly reduced stress as they learn to affect present time in a positive way. At Narconon Colorado, we help get a person back into present time and teach them the skills they need to be at cause over their life every day.

Before going through this part of the program, I really had hard time being able to confront people about things. Now, I am able to take what I learned and apply it back home. Very few things get me upset now and people’s words can’t hurt me. I love the person I am becoming and so glad I’m not on the road I was going down. I feel good about myself for the first time. Learning these skills is so wonderful!

— Ashley H.

An end to the guilt

Some of the worst pains an addict faces are due to the enormous guilt that builds up from getting and using drugs any way they can. They lie, cheat, steal and endanger themselves and those around them. These transgressions become the mental and emotional demons that plague an addict’s mind and drive them to use. We know that all these things can build up and become the motivators that inspire more transgressions and more, life threatening drug use.

That’s why we have The Personal Values and Integrity course. This not only helps a person see their past transgressions for what they are, it allows them to work through them. They get a real, lasting sense of peace as they become more and more responsible and take cause over their lives. The end result is a person no longer plagued by past demons who is truly able to live and enjoy life, free of guilt.

Things are starting to make so much sense. My actions over my entire life are right there in on paper and other people’s actions are explained. I feel so much better.

— Jordynn P.

At Narconon® Colorado we understand exactly how to be effective at rehab. We understand drug addiction and what it does to a person. We know how someone gets to the place of being addicted and how they can leave that place behind them, forever. For a more in depth look at our course of treatment see the How it Works section of Out Program.